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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ryan Getzlaf and Sexy Poker Players.

Josh from Royals and Randoms sent over a PWE. It arrived yesterday and I'm somehow posting about it immediately, which so rarely happens anymore.

The highlight of the PWE is of course this SI For Kids card of the one and only Ryan Getzlaf. Josh was right in the note he sent: I don't have a subscription to SI For Kids, and without his thinking of my Getzy Collection, I would not otherwise be able to own this card.

A mini of poker pro Evelyn Ng was also tucked into the PWE. I will never turn down cards -- or phone numbers -- of attractive women, especially if they also happen to excel at the great game of poker. I have the Ng auto from the set as well, and it just so happens that I acquired it from Josh in a trade over two years ago.

Thanks for the cool cards amigo!


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  2. Nice! Glad they made it. When I saw those, I thought of you right away. :-)