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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Johnny Football and A Quirky Kemp: Too Many Verlanders Spring Giveaway!

I received a nice package in the mail from the legendary Dennis of Too Many Verlanders fame. He held a massive Spring Cleaning Giveaway and had numerous lots up for grabs which would lead to winners of smaller but higher-end lots.

I was one of 11 grand prize winners and had the 4th selection of the big prizes. My first choice was long gone but thankfully my number two remained, and I quickly jumped on this sweeeeet Johnny Manziel RC out of 2014 Upper Deck Football. I'm a big fan of Manziel and the success he's had thus far, and I hope he turns into a tremendous pro player. Also, that's a fantastic shot of Johnny Football.

One lot piqued my interest for some time, as it had a hidden toploader on the bottom. I finally bit on the lot and was surprised to find this Germane Crowell colorful relic as that mystery card.

Next up, nine of my favorite cards from the various lots I picked up. I nabbed the Broncos, Chiefs, Royals, Troy Glaus, and a couple others. The Glaus' will serve as a nice addition to my UCLA PC; I couldn't pass up the chance at some Peytons; and I do enjoy the football stylings of Jamaal Charles.

Finally, the above promotional card from Topps is something I am going to include in my Matt Kemp PC. It's quirky and is certainly the closest I'll ever come to owning the 14K Gold 1/1 of The Bison pictured on it.

Thanks Dennis! Brie Brothers For Life!

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  1. BB4L! Thanks again for taking so many cards off my hands, dude, and happy birthday! Wait, I had something for this.....