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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Like A Slutty Little Ninja....

That title would apply had I correctly deduced the episode this sketch card hails from, but seeing as no other title will top that, I'm keeping it. Anyhoo, another absolute beauty of a 1/1 Sketch card out of 2014 Cryptozoic Archer popped up on good old eBay, and I had to have it. I was able to take home a handful of auctions from the same seller, which helped with shipping. The sketch itself went for far less than I anticipated, ending at just over half a blaster.

Tim Dowler is the artist. It took me forever to figure that out because I defy anyone to tell me how his signature says "Tim Dowler." I would argue there's barely a T in there but at least his artistic abilities more than make up for his unique auto. I believed this to be from the episode where Archer has a shaving accident -- Swiss Miss -- and ends up cutting himself in a delicate place with a straight razor. Archer covers himself with his shaving bag and kit, but I came to the conclusion that for whatever reason Dowler instead went with a hair dryer.

The card actually depicts a scene from Skytanic. I tried to find this moment commemorated somewhere on the internet. After much searching I finally found the episode, in full, here as well as a screenshot below and an image above.

This is easily one of my absolute favorite Archer 1/1 Sketches.

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