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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Trade With Chavez Ravining: Parks and Recreation, Bisons and Kershaws and Puigs, Plus Steve Nash!

I completed my second trade with my buddy Alex from Chavez Ravining. I met Alex for the first time at the Campanella-Reese Bobblehead game, and we chatted about cards and baseball for a few innings. It's nice to put a face to online interactions.

I've never been particularly particular when it comes to the autographs I pick up in my quest to complete a Master Set of 2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation. There are 13 John Hancocks to acquire, and as long as I have one of each I'm a happy man. It could be a parallel auto, have different color ink, or have other features that would differentiate it from the others, and I wouldn't care. The above Megan Mullally signature leaves me just three shy of completing the auto subset.

Alex could have sent me just the Mullally auto and that would have been sufficient. But in typical Chavez Ravining fashion, he sent a huge bubbler full of cardboard goodness. I was surprised to find this Chrome Black Refractor Bison, numbered 003/100, and man does my newest Mattycakes' card ever scan in magnificently.

Next up, some brand new additions to my Kemp, Kershaw, and Martin PCs. I came to find I pretty much had no base or inserts of any of these three gentlemen from 2014 releases. Alex quickly helped to rectify that.

#ManBearPuig checks in next as Alex sent along four new Yasiels for my modest PC of the Cuban star. One day I will own his signature.

Alex sent a boatload of cards so rather than scanning in everything I chose to pick nine of my favorites and go that route. Man, those are some beautiful pieces of cardboard. The Santana has 2014 Card of The Year potential just oozing from it.

I did not expect to find a jumbo relic of Steve Nash from his Lakers' days. It hails from Panini Crusade and the colorful swatch is a sweet bonus. Nash will always be in my top 5 all-time of NBAers and his auto -- picturing him as a member of the Phoenix Suns and preferably on-card -- is on my short-list of must-own cards.

Alex knows I have an affinity for 1/1 Archer Sketch cards, so he decided to create an original sketch card of his own. It's a 1/1 and signed on the back by the man himself. I quite dig it.

Alex also knocked off a needed Allen & Ginter card -- 2013 Nelson Mandela, Peacemakers -- from my still lengthy A&G Want List, which dates back to 2011.

Thanks, as always, for another fantastic trade Alex!


  1. Haha, glad you enjoyed the cards!That black Kemp refractor was destined for Dodger Penguin until he realized that he had it at the last second.

    And damn....that sketch looks even worse on screen than it did in my hand. Haha, it was pretty fun to draw though.

    Thanks again for the trade!

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