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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ultra Rare 1952 Star-Cal Decal: Al Rosen!

There may be no better collecting feeling than coming across an ultra-rare oddball item of one of your player collections that you have never before seen or knew existed. That recently occurred during a search of Al Rosen cards on eBay.

A decal from 1952 Star-Cal appeared, and I knew I had to take a real run at it if the price remained reasonable. My Rosen PC is nearing completion in terms of the vintage cards I need, and when these oddballs show up I get extremely excited at the possibility of picking up another piece to the Hebrew Hammer puzzle. For $15.50 delivered, the cardboard gods were on my side on this day. The card came authenticated by SGC as nothing more than Authentic, and that's perfectly fine by me. I didn't pay a premium for the grading, and it would be hard to store if not encased. Rosen is paired with Cleveland Indians' teammate Dale Mitchell, who would later amass 24 plate appearances with the 1956 Brooklyn Dodgers.


  1. very nice! Those decals are great. great deal

  2. ya know, now that I think about it, why was this graded as authentic? It doesn't make any sense. everything looks right about it.

  3. I just saw these at the card show I was at last weekend. First time I knew they existed.

  4. Ernest- My guess is someone submitted it and chose to just have it authenticated rather than graded (probably costs less, I'd imagine).

    N.O.- Grab one mang!

  5. Want the bad news?
    They originally came in a red envelope, and are normally not considered complete if removed from the envelope.
    For examples, see