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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

From Parks and Recreation to Guardians of The Galaxy: Chris Pratt's Plaid Shirt.

Sometimes items appear on eBay with ridiculously low Buy-It-Nows or they slip through the auction cracks and end for almost nothing. This is a case of the former. A seller listed a gold parallel /99 relic of Chris Pratt, who's only starring in the biggest movie out right now. I still need to see Guardians of The Galaxy. Soon.

Pratt portrays the lovable Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation, and he only has a single relic in the set in terms of hits. It was always one of the more expensive single relics, if not the most pricey, but I expected that to especially continue being the case with the release of GOTG. However, this eBay individual decided a $2.99 BIN listing with a $2.49 shipping fee was sufficient for him.

It was damn sure sufficient enough for me to immediately pull the trigger and snatch it up the moment I saw it for the taking. Numbered 28/99, it features a sweet piece of Pratt's plaid button-down and at least four colors to go along with clearly visible stitching. Another P&R Master Set notch gets checked off of the list.


  1. Great pickup! You got that thing for a ridiculously good price.

    Oh....fantastic clip.

  2. Thanks dude! I still can't believe he had it listed that low. Had to pause and make sure I was seeing things right before hitting BIN as quickly as I could haha.

    And yeah, that's an all-timer right there. Pratt's the man. He's gonna have an auto in the upcoming Guardians set, it appears.

  3. That's pretty awesome. I remember watching that episode and realizing, "hey, that's the shirt my brother bought me for Christmas!"