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Friday, September 5, 2014

Card Draft # 3: Now With Better Bait!

Not that the previous iterations had bad bait, but I've picked up more trade-able things recently, and I think a more interesting variety at that. The lowdown, as we get right to it:


1. Alex Markle
2. Caitlin Jennings
3. Matt Pederson

$30 per slot, which includes shipping and extras of your favorite team/players, if I happen to have any. There are 10 slots open, although if there's more interest I will accommodate it by pulling more cards from my collection for the draft. So if you're interested, let me know and join the fun.

The price went up since the last drafts because the post office has raised shipping rates multiple times since the last drafts. Five bucks from that $30 is what I have calculated to cover everything related to shipping, so for you international folks who might want in it's just easier to say $25 and then instead of five dollars it will be whatever it actually costs to ship it out of the U.S. and to your doorstep.

Payment sent via PayPal, as a gift, to:


If you need to pay via another method, comment as you would normally and then e-mail me to set things up. I'm flexible in this regard, though PayPal is strongly preferred and the easiest way to pay. When paying, please leave the comment box and subject line empty.

U.S. shipping will always include delivery confirmation. If you're overseas and want some kind of tracking, we'll figure something out.

We draft until there is nothing left to draft. If my counting skills are still intact, there are 40 autos and 48 relics. In addition you'll find serial-numbered cards, minis, rookies, inserts, minor league cards, set help, a few non-sports cards, and some vintage included in the available pieces of cardboard.

Here are the scans of what's available. I usually have the hits pictured first but when I uploaded the more than 100 scans, they were scattered throughout. So take a look through everything!

On a side note, the nine-pocket page I used had some damage on it and it only worsened as it was utilized ~100 times. So while older cards will have some wear, know that unless I note it when I end up posting the draft thread, the cards are in fine condition, especially the ones you would expect to be.

Wrappers. Not unopened packs.

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  1. I would like a spot. Email me at caitlinjennings64@yahoo.ca