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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Judy Greer Archer Auto!

Oh, that sweet feeling of being inches away from putting a major set you've chased after for months and months to rest. The below John Hancock leaves me one card shy (one post shy, hint hint) from completion on the autograph portion of my 2014 Cryptozoic Archer Master Set.

Greer's autograph, from my research, quickly became the second most expensive of the 15 in the set, settling in behind Burt Reynolds as himself. It regularly sold for around $35 at the cheapest, but thankfully my guy Kyle sold it to me for a great price. Judy's signature is flawless and I love that it's now part of my collection.

I'm very happy the back of Greer's card included a picture of her. She's one of my favorite actresses, I love her portrayal of Cheryl/Carol/Cherlene, and she's a babe. She's had guest roles on a number of comedies including The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men (both iterations but I prefer her time on the better, Charlie Sheen-infested version). She also stars in the FX comedy Married which was thankfully picked up for a second season.


  1. She's also in all those weird Sprint commercials.

  2. SPLOOSH! It's funny to me the way Judy Greer became a pretty popular actress because, as I love to tell people, she went to my high school (a few years before I was there). She definitely gets some scene-stealing lines on Archer, and she was great on Arrested Development too. Congrats on your progress towards the set!

  3. Mark- I prefer those commercials on mute. Still good to look at, at least.

    Dennis- SPLOOSH INDEED. I somehow forgot about AD; sad considering half the Archer cast was in it. That's sweet you guys went to the same high school. And thanks, it's been a killer set to work on!