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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Alex Gordon Collection as A World Series Match-Up I Hate Begins.

This World Series pits a team I will never root for (San Francisco Giants) against a team whose style and manager (Kansas City Royals, Ned Yost) I truly loathe. So I'm rooting for this series to never be played. That aside, there is one player in the series I consider to be an active collection, although I haven't added anything of his in some time and likely won't simply due to increased cardboard prices.

-- Pack-Pulled!!! --

Alex Gordon has always been a player I've enjoyed, especially following his breakthrough in 2011. I enjoyed watching his redemption unfold after being labeled a bust and I happily added autos and relics to my small PC of his. I would love to one day add a few more cards to this mini collection.

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