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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Matt Kemp, 2014 Immaculate Collection: Diamond Fabrics Jumbo Patch #'d /10!

Give me a jumbo patch piece from the number on the front of the jersey (complete with a brilliant blue patch piece and stitching) as well as my favorite player, and what do you get? One happy collector thrilled with his newest Matt Kemp card, that's what. Oh, and his sweet tattoo on display doesn't hurt either. From Panini's 2014 Immaculate Collection comes this gorgeous Dodgers' home jersey swatch:

I got a great deal on my newest Bison, numbered 04/10, and the lack of logos doesn't bother me one bit. It should be noted that the card is not horribly centered, just extremely difficult to scan in properly due to being as thick as about 100 cards bonded together. I had to crop my scan and my OCD took over.