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Sunday, December 21, 2014

$239 To Ship One Card Seems Totally Reasonable, Doesn't It?

A post a while back from Corky at Pack War reminded me of a truly funny occurrence of eBay shipping gone wrong. Well, more accurately, why 3 out of every 4 people is a certified moron.

A very rare Archer sketch was listed on eBay back in August. The sketches are all 1/1s but this particular sketch was drawn by Sam Ellis, the Lead Illustrator and Character Designer on Archer. It was also an Artist's Proof sketch. The guy selling had shipping set at $239, with "artist's fees" as part of his reasoning. Sadly that is not a typo. Which the dude was very clear to point out in the description.

Someone actually bought the card the first time around. This buyer had recently been buying up everything from Cryptozoic's Archer release, but this purchase had me scratching my head. No matter how badly I want a card, I would never pay that much to "have it shipped."

What makes the purchase even worse is that the seller didn't actually send the card, but instead shipped the buyer a print of the 1/1 sketch, as detailed in the Blowout Cards Archer forum. The buyer got a refund, the card got re-listed many more times, and I'm still laughing to this day.


  1. That's ridiculous. Pretty good read on those forums. I haven't taken a peek at them in a few months. Makes me want to go out and pick up a sketch.

  2. It is pretty insane that someone purchased the card in the first place but it is worse that the seller was able to continue to list and re-list the card without eBay stepping in over his bait and switch for a print of the sketch card.

  3. Damn... the seller sent a print? He should have sent the guy the card and taken the shipping/artist fees money and ran. Glad the buyer got his money back.

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