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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Miss The Mighty Ducks' Logo.

Early Ryan Getzlaf autographs are always a welcome find. There are plenty out there to choose from but occasionally one will command an oddly high price. The below is a prime example of that, but it's finally mine after a very long wait.

Out of 2006-2007 Upper Deck Artifacts, this awesome Captain Getzy signature was had for under $5 delivered. I still have no idea why it was out of my range for so long (perhaps it's a SP?) but patience paid off. UD did a fine job of blending the sticker in with the card, and I absolutely love that Ryan is sporting the old Mighty Ducks' sweater. Those things were truly killer. The UD logo should definitely be in a corner though (top right would have been perfect).

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