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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2008 Press Pass Legends Alumni Autos: UCLA's Bill Walton and Kevin Love!

Certain cards allude my grasp for various reasons. The below dual auto of all-time great UCLA Bruins Bill Walton and Kevin Love out of 2008 Press Pass -- one of the best sets for beautiful on-card autos and fantastic pairings of players -- was rarely on eBay and too expensive when it did surface.

I've wanted this card for so, so long, and all it took for me to finally land it was for the seller to be located in Asia, which is apparently akin to poison for buyers on eBay. I suppose I understand the general trepidation of buying from overseas but this particular seller was a real mensch. He sent the Love/Walton registered, so I was able to track it and it arrived much quicker than I anticipated. Heck, he may have paid more than the card sold for in order to ship it the way he did.

The card was PSA'd a Mint 9 when I bought it, and considering it did not add to the final price I paid, I'm more than happy to add a slabbed piece of cardboard to the collection. $18.06 later and this bad boy showed up in my mailbox. I'm a very happy UCLA alum, as you can imagine.

I presume it's a blue parallel, and it's numbered 18/50, making the deal that much sweeter. Oh, and PSA, you misspelled Love's name on the holder.

1 comment:

  1. That sir is a great card and pickup.
    I also enjoy buying from our friends in the East as I am sure you have seen.
    I agree with you that it seems like people in the US shy away from oversea sellers
    but that is ok with me as that means more deals can be had.
    Congrats again