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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pickup: Baseball Stars of 1954, w/ Cover Boys Roy Campanella and Al Rosen!

I let the below go once before on eBay and I didn't see it again for months. I wasn't sure I ever would, and the price was not even prohibitive the first time around. Thankfully it eventually reappeared and it was not passing me by a second time.

Featuring my two main vintage collections as cover boys -- Roy Campanella and Al Rosen -- it's a book straight out of 1954 that was had for right around $10. It catalogs and details 28 of baseball's stars in the mind of author Bruce Jacobs. The cover still has tremendous color and it was a no-brainer and a must, must-add considering who resides on said front cover.


  1. Excellent! Mags like that are on my wish list for my Boudreau collection.

  2. Those vintage mags and annuals are great collectibles. Looks like a perfect 'get' for you.

  3. thanks gents! I really like oddballs like this as well. the perfect player collection things to chase.