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Saturday, July 11, 2015

1980-1981 Topps Larry Bird RC

My bosses buy collections all the time. There are weeks where they purchase 4 or 5 collections of varied items. Some of those are exceptionally cool, with a recent visit from a guy selling his stack of T206 dupes and lesser cards a prime example.

(Seriously, that was ridiculously amazing.)

Sometimes, however, they buy stuff I never want to see: 80s and 90s junk that I have to deal with. It's still cardboard and loads of fun, but considerably less fun as I have to find room for it. I walked in a couple of weeks back to find a collection one of my bosses had acquired over the weekend while I was gone. There was some cool stuff but a lot of the type of stuff I never want them to bring in.

One card, however, made its way to me. The phrase "Do you want a third of a Larry Bird rookie" was uttered by my other boss before he handed me the below.

I was certainly not going to turn down a Bird rookie, even in thirds. This separated 1980-1981 Topps slice of Larry Legend's RC was within the depths of this amalgam of cardboard and clearly my boss felt I would appreciate it more than it would fetch if he tried to sell it.

As always, I am appreciative of your generosity Matt!


  1. Convince your boss to start giving you vintage White Sox cards. :)

    A third of that card is still a nice addition to any collection.

  2. Even as 1/3 of a card it is still a great card to have in your collection.