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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ryan Getzlaf 11x14 Auto (JSA)!

Hockey season may be over but my Anaheim Ducks -- and Ryan Getzlaf especially -- still remain a large focus of my collecting ways. I've decided to tone down my eBaying after a small-ish splurge over the last month or so which had followed some tamer months, but I still allow myself to go after major and vital PC needs. With that being said, here's something I bought while at work a handful of months back. Transitions, I am a master, clearly.

Yay! It's a phenomenal 11x14 of my main man Getzy, authenticated by JSA. My bosses have a mainstay whose business it is to travel the country and get stuff signed in person. They buy the stuff they can use but thankfully for me they never have Anaheim stuff. I mean, one of my bosses is a Kings' season ticket holder, so you know he just desires all Anaheim merch for the store.

This gentlemen had a bunch of stuff he was selling and when my boss passed on the Getzlaf he gave the guy the go-ahead to offer it to me. For just $20 (plus the holder which he threw in graciously) I couldn't say YES YES YES DAMMIT quickly enough! It's my second signed photo of The Captain and the autograph is in bold blue and just as clean as can be.

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