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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

1953 Bowman Color: Roy Campanella!

My Roy Campanella PC is nearing the point I can say it's almost complete. A few cards are still missing, with that glorious 1952 Topps High-Number the most obvious one I may or may not have any time soon, but 1953 Bowman Color was also noticeably absent for far too long. A recent eBay win rectified that void.

Campy is quite a bit more beat-up than I had thought based on the seller's poor picture in his listing. I had pegged the card to be in good condition when I bought it but it's definitely poor-to-fair now that I have it in front of me.

I generally use the book near mint price and whether or not we have the card available at work to judge if I came away with a good deal from a strictly monetary perspective. Although it's in much worse condition than I had anticipated I still paid less than a third of what I would have had to shell out to grab the card in similarly poor condition from my shop. And damn, it's a '53 Bowman Campy....I will always love this card in any condition!

Honestly, I was at a point where I really did need a copy to feel like my Campanella Collection wasn't entirely lacking in an essential piece of cardboard. Plus I can one day upgrade and I fully intend to when the time comes.


  1. That is a beautiful card my friend.

  2. I'd be plenty happy with that card. '53 Bowman is fantastic.

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