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Monday, August 17, 2015

1955 Armour Hot Dog Coins: Al "Flip" Rosen (Yellow Variation)!

I recently added a unique and rarer Al Rosen to my Flip PC. I got very lucky and stumbled upon the auction the morning of its conclusion and thankfully took it down quite easily for $5.05 delivered to my door. My latest Rosen, for your enjoyment (but probably mostly my enjoyment):

It's a yellow Armour Coin from 1955! These coins were released in three separate years and came in packs of Armour Hot Dogs (I adore unique vintage food releases). There's a blog devoted to the Armour Coins which details all the color variations and other attributes of these oddball coins.

The backs are pretty cool. I'd be more than happy to add a few more colors and start a mini-rainbow of these hot dog-origin'd coins but it's not something I want to dump a chunk of cash into so the price would have to be right. That's especially true considering that -- according to the blog I linked to above -- there are 15 different colors the Rosen coin can be found in.

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