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Monday, August 10, 2015

1958 Topps Don Drysdale: Half A Blaster!

As I mentioned in my post on acquiring Lance Alworth's second-year card and knowing his rookie would be out of reach for some time, I love picking up second-year cards that are undervalued and unappreciated. One such second-year beaut I find to be all too affordable -- which, hey, I'll take until I get rich by marrying Kate Upton -- is Don Drysdale's 1958 Topps offering.

1958 isn't my favorite set or even in my top five when it comes to vintage but Don's '58 offers an affordable way to get in on his early cardboard without breaking one's wallet. $9.50 shipped landed me this VG to VG-EX copy of the Hall of Famer.

A back with a cartoon! Well I'll be a son of a gun!

1 comment:

  1. Really nice. The airbrushed LA logo is great. I actually do enjoy the 58 set with the bright yellow background.