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Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Kindness of Others: A 1957 Topps Brooks Robinson Rookie Card, For Free!

Working at a card shop (that specializes in sweet, sweet vintage no less) has its obvious perks. I see product come in and get first crack, can pick between cards of the same condition when I buy, and get to see amazing things walk in the door and even hold them, like Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente autographs.

A regular customer who has sold us some 60s sets and star cards came back in recently. He was showing my boss some stuff and ended up selling us some star cards. He walked over before making the deal with my boss and extended his hand, telling me he wanted me to have something as he knew I'd appreciate it and he preferred that to selling it for basically nothing, considering the condition it's in. So for nothing out of pocket, I'm now the proud owner of a beautiful 1957 Topps RC of Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson! I think I shook his hand at least three times.

The card number, write-up on Brooks, stats, and cartoon are still perfectly intact so for me the trimming is irrelevant. I am in no position to afford a Brooks RC in even VG or VG-EX condition anytime soon (and it's actually not something I'd chase ordinarily) so adding this beat one to my collection is a fantastic thing for me.

It seems apparent to me I have to one day put together a trimmed set of '57s considering I already have a great head-start with the Koufax and Campy you see above that reside in my collection.

Moments after he gave me the Brooks he came back over to me and asked if I collected 1960 Topps. I told him I collected and loved any and all vintage, and he then gave me the pair of 1960 Topps cards you see above: Hall of Famer Robin Roberts as well as New York Yankee Ken Hunt.

I was unfamiliar with Hunt but after some quick research I learned he hit 25 homers in 1961, is the stepfather of Butch Patrick of The Munsters fame, and is buried just a few feet from Roger Maris in Fargo.

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