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Monday, October 19, 2015

A Bison America's Pastime Jumbo Patch

I probably like unlicensed stuff more than most. That may be due to the fact that I'm a player collector rather than a team collector, so no logos don't really bother me all that much for modern stuff. My guy's name and an autograph or piece of jersey and I'm sold. That being said: another day, another Bison.

$3.54 delivered and floating heads? Yeah, count me more than in on this gorgeous Silhouettes Jumbo Patch piece numbered 3/5 from Panini's 2013 release of America's Pastime Baseball. It happens to pair exceedingly well with the below; finishing these mini projects is always enjoyable.

Here's the regular old jumbo jersey numbered 04/25 I landed a while back.


  1. America's Pastime was the ultimate set to cherry pick off eBay. The prices for the boxes were crazy high because they guaranteed one booklet card in every hobby box. Most of them sucked. The best cards were big patches like you show. You could find some cool cards at great prices. The Pirates checklist was pretty weak, but I did get some nice Jordy Mercer's and Gerrit Cole.

    Great pickup!

  2. Thanks Matt! I've found people turned off by the non-licensed stuff allowing some really good deals to be had.

  3. America's Pastime is a fantastic issue. I've been picking up base cards CHEAP and have a nearly complete set now. Panini puts out some great stuff. Although I don't collect football, it will be interesting to see what Topps does with their FB issues. Nice jumbo pickup for you!