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Friday, November 13, 2015

A Canadian and A Swede, Via Finland.

Many card buyers on eBay are scared off by international shippers, oftentimes avoiding auctions emanating from overseas entirely. I can understand it but buyers of course are protected through a combination of eBay, PayPal, and your credit card company. In fact, as we all know, eBay almost always sides with buyers whether they are in the right or not. This allows for some stellar deals to be had and I'm willing to take the marginal risk associated with these non-U.S. listings.

An auction from a Finnish seller wasn't going to stop me from chasing a Ryan Getzlaf autograph that had alluded my grasp for some time and after a small bidding war I thankfully emerged victorious. The seller shipped promptly and soon enough I had a Getzy signature for my Captain Getzlaf PC I have long sought after.

Numbered 08/10 it hails from the gorgeous Dual Game Night Ticket Autographs subset of 2008-2009 UD Black Hockey. Ryan is paired with Detroit Red Wings' star and future Hall of Famer Henrik Zetterberg. Both players signed in bold silver and it counterpoises the black on the card exceptionally well. The price for my 97th John Hancock of the Ducks' stud center was just too good to fret over location.

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