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Friday, January 1, 2016

1967 Topps Posters Roberto Clemente, A Collecting Shift, and My 2016 Goals.

I thought I'd start 2016 off with a representation of what the year will hold collecting-wise for me. I've begun a fairly prominent re-boot to my collection in the last couple of months. I've almost cut my eBaying down to nothing and have made a strong push to complete the various sets on my Want List, and I plan on those things being the major goals in the new year.

I want to complete all of those sets plus 2016 Allen & Ginter when it hits. I'm going to just focus on my main essential PC guys -- Kemp, Kershaw, Martin, Getzlaf, Campanella, Wheat, Seager, Rosen, Alworth, John Gibson, Tomlinson -- as well as vintage and oddball vintage in-particular, as with the below poster. An occasional non-PC item that I just really like will probably be purchased here and there but I've been fine cutting those types of transactions out so I'll continue with that move.

I want to trade more and hold some giveaways to condense the collection and give back to our stellar card and card-blogging community. I've got some really cool stuff I picked up in 2015 (and even in 2014) that I have yet to post so I want to clean out the drafts folder and get everything posted and showcased.

Anyways, I snagged the above 1967 Topps Posters Roberto Clemente from my LCS, aka work, for just $2.50. I love Clemente and the shot used; I have a very small PC of him that I add to when it doesn't break my wallet.


  1. Awesome poster! I've always thought one of these would look cool framed in my card room/office. A solid start to 2016 indeed!

  2. Great find on that Clemente. Best of luck on finishing off those sets.

  3. Found some A&G inserts for you. Shoot me an email.