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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2005 Bowman Chrome XFractor Auto, BGS 9/10 Auto: Matt Kemp PC Pickup!

Here's the third card I submitted to BGS through Dodger Penguin. Grade didn't matter that much to me as I just wanted it in a secure holder since I'm clumsy and it's a centerpiece of my main player collection. Now in a spiffy BGS 9/10 Auto holder, Matthew Ryan Kemp's 2005 Bowman Chrome XFractor Rookie Autograph:

Numbered 116/225 this XFractor was much more affordable than I anticipated it being. BGS gave it two 9 sub-grades, a 9.5 on the centering, and an 8.5 for the surface which is always super tricky on chrome cardboard. All that blue just makes the card so much better.

And here's the card sans-holder for the simple reason that I scanned it in prior to sending it away and still had said scan on my computer. Plus without the bulky holder the true X-Fractor-y-ness of the card comes across.


  1. Looks great in a BGS case. Congrats again

    1. Thanks dude, appreciate your help in making it look even better!

    2. Anytime...next submission is Oct.
      = )

    3. I'm sure I can find something ;)

      I do have plenty of Kersh and Seager that I should probably get slabbed.