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Friday, July 15, 2016

ANN PERKINS! A Rob Lowe 2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Auto!

Here's one of the first cards I ever purchased on COMC. I left that shipment pending for probably over a year and have slowly been posting its lovely contents. I was absolutely thrilled to find this sitting on COMC for the plucking as I needed it for my Parks and Recreation Master Set and I didn't have to spend anything out of pocket to secure it. This was paid for solely through COMC Challenges. I like free.

Ann Perkins! I love Rob Lowe and I especially love his portrayal of Chris Traeger on the show. I don't think any actor ever could have better played the role. This was one of the two big autos in the set, and I define big as being crossover actors who would attract attention from non-fans of the show (the other being Amy Poehler). It's a happy moment to cross this off the needs list.


  1. Nice.. congrats! COMC usually doesn't seem to be very good for non-sports cards (or maybe it's my imagination), so that's a sweet score.

    1. Your observation is pretty spot on. I've seen like one card from the Archer set I'm working on there but hey, one is enough in this case!

      And thanks!