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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2016 National Baseball Card Day Spoils!

This past Saturday was National Baseball Card Day. Working at a card shop on such a day proved to be quite beneficial to me as I was able to snag a couple packs at the end of the day from what we had left over. I made sure to grab a couple packs with Corey Seager on top for my PC -- and which I plan to leave sealed -- because why not.

I ended up with an open Seager which will slide nicely in with the other 2016 #ManBearSeag rookie cards of the stud shortstop I've acquired this year.

Those sealed packs though.....

I did acquire that coveted Kris Bryant. Plus baseball's best, Mr. Trout.

I was also fortunate enough to land a Clayton Kershaw for my Kid K PC.


  1. If you were able to pull an Arrieta let me know. I'd be happy to send Dodgers your way in a trade.

  2. Sure would have been nice for me to get some. I truly am the bastard stepchild of the shop.