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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Completed 2013 Parks & Recreation Master Set: Amy Poehler's Autograph!

In the realm of "things that should've been posted months ago" comes today's featured cardboard which is the last card from a long-ago D&A buy that included wax, a Matt Kemp 16x20 signed photo, and a graded T206 (damn that was a fun order). It also completes one of my all-time favorite projects I've undertaken as it's the final piece of my 2013 Press Pass Parks & Recreation Master Set.

Amy Poehler! Poehler portrayed Leslie Knope on the show and her autograph has easily been the most sought-after and most expensive one in the entire product. I waited and waited hoping to find a good deal and eventually this popped up on D&A for a price I simply could not pass up. It's actually not her base auto but a case incentive variation that, I believe, you got if you purchased 4 cases of the product from Dave and Adams.

As I stated this finally completes my Master Set -- which you can view in its entirety here -- although I would love to one day pick up an inscription signature, particularly one from Nick Offerman. In the meantime I'll just have to settle for the next best thing, an Offerman TTM I received 3 years ago in which he did inscribe "Greg, Admire my girth."

Not a bad substitute.