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Saturday, August 6, 2016

A (Mostly) Corey Seager Rookie Care Package From My Cardboard Habit

I recently received a care package from Judson at My Cardboard Habit. Said package had a distinct Corey Seager theme to it, and you can't really top a bubbler of Seager cardboard. I was aware of one card headed my way but Judson surprised me with three other wonderful Blue Crew cards I was previously without.

The first card is actually not the card I expected to find but it's easily my favorite. It's hard not to be a fan of Stadium Club what with the full bleed photography on top of the excellent shots they choose each and every year. Seager's RC is just a truly great card that I can finally cross off the needs list. I do need to track down his SP Variation to go along with it.

This was the card Judson told me he'd be sending my way: the Silver Ice parallel of Corey's 2014 Bowman Top Prospects offering. It really pops in-hand under light and I always love cards depicting players wearing the number they originally receive when making it to the bigs before donning the uniform we all know them for.

An insert from this year's Stadium Club with #ManBearSeag taking center stage once again. Everything about Stadium is stellar including these Beam Team inserts. There is definitely a lot going on with the card but it all works very well.

The one non-Corey in the care package was this outstanding Black and White Orange Foil Vintage Parallel of Joc Pederson. A great photo made even better by the vintage feel of the black and white of said photo. The orange foil really rounds out the awesomeness of the card and these are not easy pulls on top of all of that, falling at 1:48 hobby packs (1 in every 3 boxes).

I've already tracked down a couple of cards I think Judson will really enjoy as a thank you for the great stuff he's sent me in the last couple of just because bubble mailers that headed my way.

Thanks a ton Judson!

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