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Friday, September 30, 2016

Clayton Kershaw Signed Steiner Ball!

A number of years back Steiner was running a special on Clayton Kershaw signed baseballs. The normal price was $99 if I recall correctly and for however long their special was available, baseballs of the best pitcher in the game could be had for a measly $33. I obviously jumped at the opportunity, particularly with the stellar cert that is Steiner behind the ball.

I truly wish I had possessed both the foresight and money to buy a bundle of these bad boys at the time, as that price will never be seen again. But at least I managed to snag one, and Kersh inscribing his number is a nice added touch.


  1. $33? Damn... Those were the days. Beautiful ball. Congrats

  2. Awesome collectible Greg! Yeah I'm sure you could have made a killing had you picked up 10 or 12 spares, haha.

  3. Wow great addition.

    Added you to my blogroll!

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  5. Steiner has slowed down on their quality 3 for $99 deals. They used to be rock solid. I'd pick up HOF signed balls at least one a year. These days... collectors are better off finding individual Steiner certified balls on eBay. However... you'll never find a Kershaw for $33. That's a great price!