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Monday, September 5, 2016

Scanning For Lost Time: Cards Via Mike

I've received a number of great additions to various collections recently from my great friend and coworker Mike. We'll start with three new cards for my Matt Kemp PC, which is slowly but surely nearing 500 unique cards.

Next year I'll get my first Bison as a Brave card. It's still strange. The far right is the Purple Refractor #'d 242/275 although the word refractor is nowhere to be found.

Four sweet Johnny Bench cards. I'm mainly chasing a handful of his vintage cards but I'll dedicate a page in a binder for some newer cards of his. The ripped RIP card, #'d 16/25, is dope. Mike preserved the back as well which is rare to find with RIP cards. 2016 Donruss Optic is such a great looking product, on a side note.

Mike passed along this sweet 2016 Topps Chrome addition of Russ Martin, giving me a cool 333 unique pieces of cardboard featuring the former Dodgers' backstop.

Three appreciated Ducks' cards were included which I know Mike is happy to get out of his sight considering he's a Kings' supporter. I love that Getzy card which only happens to be from the Stadium Series outdoor game at Dodger Stadium, which I was fortunate enough to attend and which the Ducks won.

Here's the non-card item of the lot, a cool Johnny Bench 8x10.

Mike, as always, your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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  1. You know I only give you stuff for the good press. My pleasure to help the biggest "collector" I know.