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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Stars & Stripes Seager

Today seemed as appropriate a day as any to post cards with a distinctly American feel to them. I've been interested in picking this up for some time as I really, really love the design and you can never have enough Corey Seager signatures in your collection, sticker or no sticker, Dodgers' logo or no logo.

Numbered 81/85, this hails from Panini's 2015 USA Baseball product and the Longevity Signatures subset. Seeing Corey in his USA jersey for the 16 and Under National Team is awesome and it landed in my lap for a really solid price. Shortly after snagging it from eBay another popped up that I was mostly just curious to see at its end price for reference purposes. I put in a cursory bid and as so often happens, that bid held.

That's how you end up with essentially the same card -- although this one's numbered 06/49 and is the Ruby Parallel -- at what ended up being less than the card with a larger print-run. But it's Seager and his cardboard has taken off to such an extent that any auto I land without breaking the bank is welcome in my PC. I always prefer on-card but for certain guys I'm happy with any John Hancock.


  1. So, which one of those is mine?
    Nice pickups, good to see you being the best\most active collector I've ever known.

  2. That set was soooo good for finding more affordable autos of the big name young guys. I've seen several people pull Bryant's as well. Great card my friend!

    1. Thanks! I've always liked non-licensed stuff.