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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Corey Seager PC: 2016 Gold Label RC

Judson from My Cardboard Habit fame has the wonderful habit of pulling Corey Seager cards, and he's kind enough to send them my way. The latest card of the unanimous NL ROY to head into my Corey PC is this 2016 Gold Label RC:

Another beautiful Seager for the collection. What Judson doesn't know is I have a few cards incoming that will head his way that I believe he will quite enjoy. It's the least I can do for his continued generosity. Many thanks as always amigo!


  1. Glad you received it! The ladies behind the desk at my post office argued with me for 10 minutes that the card would be returned to me for not having enough postage, even though I told them I had sent multiple cards via PWE before. I was afraid they would return it out of spite.

    1. Thanks again! And got to love the P.O., those people are just tremendous at their jobs and so friendly, right?