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Friday, November 4, 2016

Trade With The Dutch Card Guy: Part 1 - Corey Seager RC Throw-Ins

I completed my second trade with Jeroen from The Dutch Card Guy. I'm calling this a trade although the more apt description of this transaction is me sending him lots of PayPal for three cards I'm beyond excited to acquire. Those cards will be featured next year after they return from BGS for grading, but let's just say Jeroen's decision to no longer collect Clayton Kershaw certainly benefited me.

Today's cards were extras he kindly sent along, and the two I enjoyed the most are the Corey Seager RCs you see above and below. I've got to give Panini props as Donruss is a really nice product (especially Optic).

This Elite Series rookie is numbered out of 999.

Thanks Jeroen!

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