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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Secret Santa Drops Off Stellar Cardboard

Everyone's favorite Matt from Bob Walk The Plank organized a Secret Santa this year. I decided it would be fun to join as I've never done it before, card-wise or in any setting. I received my goodies from my Secret Santa a few days ago and here they are, courtesy of Chris aka Raz of The Raz Card Blog.

Seager! This is one of those spiffy and appropriately-themed Snowflake cards found in 2016 Topps Holiday exclusive to Walmart. I like the design and any Corey rookie is good in my book, especially when my PC of the reigning NL ROY was lacking the card in question.

Chris was able to knock two cards off of my Most Wanted List, a rarity nowadays. First up is the Young Guns RC of Anaheim Ducks' goalie John Gibson, a personal favorite of mine. I've wanted Gibby's YG for a long time but never got around to finding one in my price range. I was stoked to see it fall out of the bubbler!

The Bison! This Kemp card -- 2006's Bowman Sterling RC -- has eluded me for years, though in fairness I never focused on actually getting it. But Chris took care of that and I enjoy Kemp rookies as much as I did years ago when he was still wearing Blue and not running into walls.

The final card is another Snowflake and another PTSIA fave: Russell Martin's 2016 Topps offering. This now gives me 335 unique Russ cards.

Thanks upon thanks for the fantastic cards Chris! Much appreciated!