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Thursday, January 19, 2017


I placed an order with COMC way, way back during their Black Friday promotion. I'm just super slow in posting, obviously. The cards arrived about two weeks earlier than they estimated and it was my largest order to date with them, from a quantity perspective. I picked up a few cards for a fellow blogger and the lot of mostly 1966 Batman cards you see below.

I knocked off 17 Red Bat Series needs. I am closest on that set so I decided to focus the entire order on getting that as close to completion as possible.

I am disappointed in whomever pulled my cards at COMC headquarters as they clearly did not pay attention to the condition I ordered. I made sure to order cards without creases based on their scans and some of these have creases I would have clearly seen. It's not a set I'm very condition-picky on (that holds true for the Blue and Black Bat Series as well) but for the price they had them at I was not going for anything less than VG-EX. There's really no point in complaining to them though as I doubt they'd do anything about it.

I'm ~57% of the way to finishing the Red and much further behind on the others.

Finally, I wanted to add one more card to my collection and this seemed appropriate after hearing about the passing of Jose Fernandez. It's just a tremendous card as so many newer Stadium Club offerings are. Everything about it just epitomizes who Jose was from everything I've read and heard about him.