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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Three New Archer 1/1 Sketches & Artists

I still try to pick up 1/1 Sketches from the 2014 Cryptozoic Archer release when they present themselves for the right price or an artist I need becomes available. Great sketches also merit consideration. Really, I just love this set and the sketch cards more than most cardboard-related things. One particular eBay seller lists nearly a hundred sketches from time to time and recently he lowered the prices on them. I was able to cross off three more artists from my needs list.

First up is Michael Munshaw with a sketch depicting one of my favorite scenes from the great Season 1 episode Diversity Hire. Archer and Conway Stern go toe to toe -- and penis to penis, as Archer later tells Pam -- in the ISIS locker room.

The second sketch comes from Manny Mederos and pictures Cheryl/Carol/Cherlene/Cristal/Carina in one of the threesome bed formations. She's smoking a cigarette and comes complete with her trademark choke marks.

The final sketch is my first of Bilbo and was drawn by Steve Lydic. It's also from a Season 1 episode, The Rock, and features Bilbo talking about how his low salary forces him to live in Queens with a roommate. Lydic drew him slimmer and buffer than he actually is. That larger frame contributes to his death.

Farewell Bilbo, you hobbit-enthusiast.

I'm whittling down the artists I need, although a few will be ridiculously expensive.

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