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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Julio Urias: 2013 Bowman Sterling Prospect RC Auto, BGS 9/10 AU

An update on a card previously posted. I recently got my batch of cards back from BGS, and here's the first one to be recapped. I'm fairly positive our group got the world's toughest grader on corners and this card shows it with an 8.5 sub for the corners. There is a small issue with a back corner but I also believe a few cards came back worse than they were when they left my collection. I know Dodger Penguin, who submitted for me again, feels the same way on his cards.

I don't hate 9s by any means, but if I think a grader is wrong or may have worsened an issue when handling the card, it just irks me. I'm not parting with this Julio Urias rookie signature anyways so I can certainly live with it, but it's the principle of it. Or something like that.


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    1. still can't figure out the grades for my Ginter Coreys no matter how many times I examine the cards.