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Monday, June 5, 2017

Work-Related Goodies (PSA 10s To Boot)

A big shout-out to one of my favorite customers, Davey, who passed along some awesome Dodgers' cardboard as a token of his gratitude for my assistance at work. It was not necessary but it is always and much appreciated!

Kershawwwwww! A beautiful PSA 10 encasing this newest addition to my Kid K Collection. This is the first 10 of any kind that found its way into my collections.

You can never have enough Corey Seager rookies (or cards in general).

Some vintage goodness! The '61 Alston is particularly near-minty.

Three more new Kersh cards for the collection.

Finally, another PSA 10 with this Kenta Maeda RC. Davey has an eye for nabbing PSA 10s when he submits. I'm consistently and eternally impressed.

Thanks a bunch Davey! You're a mensch!


  1. Sweet 10's! Maeda and Kershaw are my two favorite Dodgers.