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Monday, July 3, 2017

Lots For Sale

Following up on a recent post, here are some lots for sale. Prices are listed below, and I'll cover the shipping since selling here would avoid all those lovely eBay/PayPal fees. You can offer if you'd like but I'm much more likely to discount for multiple things purchased. I have my eyes on a pricey Zack Wheat card I need for my PC so I'm looking to clear out things I have less of an attachment to.

3 Adrian Dantley Autos
Gold Standard #'d 126/149

Carlos Santana Lot
Razor Auto (Beckett estimates print-run at 185)
Chrome Gold RC #'d 02/50
Chrome RC REF Batting - Wrapper Redemption
Bonus base/insert cards will be included

Alex Smith Lot
2007 Donruss Elite Gold Die-Cut #'d 03/24
2007 Topps Chrome Blue REF not numbered

Manny Ramirez Lot
8 rookies
Bonus base/inserts cards will be included

Calvin Johnson Lot
Crusade Jersey #'d 109/250
Bowman Sterling Jersey #'d 081/719 (Numbered to his jersey number)

Jason Heyward Lot
Just Minors Auto #'d 086/200
Obak Mini #'d 40/50
Bonus base/inserts cards will be included

Jay Bruce Lot
TriStar Auto #'d 19/25
Bonus base/inserts cards will be included

I have so much more but this is what I have energy to post at the moment. Tulo, Braun, Jered Weaver, and a host of others are available too. Drop a line if you have interest in anything or even guys not pictured. Lots of team lots available as well. That Wheat is just calling to me.

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