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Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Little Red Book of Baseball, 1954: Roy Campanella and Al Rosen

Here's a recent acquisition that covers two of my PCs. I spotted this randomly while searching and couldn't hit the Buy-It-Now button quickly enough. For just $7 shipped I was able to add an oddball item to both my Roy Campanella and Al Rosen Collections.

Fortunately for me both of these fine gentlemen were named MVPs in 1953 so they often appear together in these vintage publications from 1954.

This time they are found within the pages of the 29th edition of the above "The Little Red Book of Baseball" which championed itself as baseball's book of official records, as noted on the sweet front cover.


  1. That thing is a STEAL for $7. I would have been racing you to the BIN button at that price. Hell of a pickup.

  2. Great buy. The Baseball Redbooks are great pieces

  3. Congratulations on this addition to your collection. I'm a huge fan of AL Redbooks and NL Greenbooks. They were a big part of my childhood. Although I've never seen one as old as yours. $7 is a great bargain.

    1. I had never seen one before this one. They're pretty damn cool.