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Sunday, February 11, 2018

A 1981 Dodgers Yearbook

My coworker and great friend Mike recently passed along a cool item as he had multiple copies and thought I would enjoy one. I do, and as so often is the case, the art is the best part of it.

This 1981 Dodgers Yearbook features Steve Garvey and Dusty Baker high-fiving. Baker and former Dodger Glenn Burke -- an important figure in his own right for non-baseball related reasons -- are credited with "inventing" the high-five. Championship year Dodgers' stuff is always extra cool in my book.

Thanks as always Mike!


  1. Found a guy with a bunch of older baseball yearbooks at the flea market two weekends ago. I was in heaven looking at all of the great covers. Didn't see this one... but if I had, I would have voted it my favorite.