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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Topps Throws Me A Base Card Bone

I got a Julio Urias redemption in the mail from Topps a while back and as is their recent custom they included an extra card as their way of apologizing for taking time to fulfill the redemption.

Here's the Julio, a 2017 Topps Inception auto numbered 17/99 (the Magenta parallel). Now, Topps didn't actually take that long to get me the card, as it was probably no more than 4 weeks. I've waited much longer and I think the extra they tossed in was unnecessary. That being said.....

It did and still does make me chuckle that the extra that found its way to me is a base card of Mike Trout. Unless I'm missing something and this is actually the super duper rare version of this Stadium Club Beam Team insert.


  1. WTF???? I waited months for an Altuve autograph and they didn't send me a bonus. Maybe they don't appreciate my negative comments towards them flooding the hobby with lame inserts and excessive parallels. Oh well... at least you got hooked up with a cool insert card.

    1. It's been a more recent thing but they are inconsistent even now with sending and not sending extras. If you ever call them with an issue, ask for Minerva.

  2. I'm still waiting on the Topps Now World Series autograph sets I ordered intending them to be Xmas gifts for my sons. I get an apology email every couple of weeks.