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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Johnny Bench Addition: 1970 Topps!!!

I finally landed one of the toughest Johnny Bench cards there is. His 1970 Topps card is a thing of beauty with a great pose, great color, and a cool Spring Training background. It also happens to be just his third Topps card, from a popular set, and most importantly a high number in that set. All of which have combined to keep me priced out of even a lower-grade/visually-appealing copy of the card. Until now....

I had extra hours worked at work recently and in addition to taking off a chunk of a HUGE item that I'm paying off, I remembered this had just come in. I thought that I might be able to convince my boss to throw this in to make us even on the time, and thankfully he was more than amendable to that.

I've now got all the major standard-issue Bench cards I would ever want outside of his 1969 Topps card (I have the OPC version of it to tide me over in the meantime). Only truly weird oddballs remain, and I'm sure someday I'll nab a few of them.


  1. Awesome card! Congratulations! I saw one autographed at TriStar last year (or maybe the year before) and I passed on it. The cost of the card and authentication was worth the price alone. I really regret not picking it up.