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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: 1914 T213 Coupon Cigarettes Type 2 "Brooklyn Nat." Variation, SGC 20!

I recently landed one of the rarer Wheats in my PC. I was able to convince my folks -- who give me a c-note every year for my birthday and the holidays -- to combine the two for 2018 into a one-time offering so I could pick up the below from work.

It may look like a T206 but it's actually a T213 Coupon Cigarettes card of my main man, Mr. Zack Wheat. There are three types of coupons and this is the more common Type 2. The iconic T206 pose remains and there is debate as many believe these should be classified as T206s, but my boss did make compelling points regarding distribution that swing me onto the side of these being separate.

The backs on these are super cool. Wheat has a variation within the Type 2 issuance where the "Brooklyn Nat." is just "Brooklyn." The sans Nat. version is the rarer. Wheat also has a Type 3 coupon.