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Saturday, November 17, 2018

When The Phoenix Suns Were Warriors

A couple of modest basketball rookies highlight today's post. Though I grew up in L.A. I was never a true Lakers' fan or a big basketball fan. That all changed in the early to mid-2000s when I discovered the 7 seconds or less Phoenix Suns and grew to enjoy basketball and two players on that team above all else.

Man, Steve Nash was a pleasure to watch. His court vision was nearly unmatched.

Shawn Marion was criminally underrated and still is. I see him as the forerunner to a guy like Draymond Green. His all-around game on both ends of the court was so important and his nickname -- "The Matrix" -- just added a cool factor to him.

I still remember the day Steve Kerr dealt Marion to the Heat for Shaq. That day effectively ended any chance the Suns had of winning, although David Stern did an even better job of that by robbing the Suns of a title opportunity with the Stoudemire and Diaw bogus suspensions in the '07 Playoffs.


  1. I always thought that if Joe Johnson hadn't left, they probably would've one a title or two.

  2. I probably should be a huge Steve Nash guy, since he attended Santa Clara... but my favorite Suns point guard of all-time has to be Kevin Johnson. Even as a Lakers fan... I rooted for that guy.

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