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Monday, October 14, 2019

Lew Alcindor: 1970 Topps, PSA 5!

As I was preparing to leave the card shop I had worked at for almost four and a half years to move and start work at PSA, one of my favorite customers came in to buy some cards, as he usually did once or twice a week. This trip in to the store was slightly different as he knew I was leaving and wanted to give me something as a thank you for helping him during my time there. He is genuinely one of the nicest and most generous people I've ever met, and thankfully we still keep in touch.

He asked my ex-boss if he had any ideas and I just so happened to have recently set a card aside for myself. The above beaut came home with me that day. Lew Alcindor's second-year is not pricey in mid-grade and is a simple portrait shot, but it's still a really cool card. This PSA 5 copy presents with great color and registration and is a sweet addition to both my UCLA and Vintage Collections.

Thank you for everything Larry!


  1. Beautiful card... and one heck of a thank you gift.

  2. After a gift like that, you better be keepin' in touch with that fellow!