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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Nap Rucker T206: Throwing, Piedmont 350-460/Factory 25, Slabbed an SGC 30

Today's post features Nap Rucker and the always gorgeous T206 set. Nap has two poses in the set, Portrait and Throwing. Here's the Throwing Pose, complete with a Piedmont 350-460/Factory 25 Back and slabbed by SGC as a 30. It was an eBay pickup earlier this year and presents way, way better than the grade due to a lot of back staining and a spot of paper loss on said reverse.

Rucker was the first Dodgers' lefty to throw a no-hitter; was the son of a Confederate soldier; was a teammate of Ty Cobb who almost choked him while naked (you really can't make this stuff up); and was a successful scout for Brooklyn as well as the mayor and water commissioner of Roswell, Georgia post-career.