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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Nemo Leibold 1922 W575-1, PSA 1 (MK)

Sometimes vintage is just too cheap and interesting to pass up. That's how this 1922 W575-1 of Nemo Leibold, graded a PSA 1 (MK), ended up in my collection.

Leibold was a part of two World Series winning teams -- the White Sox in 1917 and the Senators in 1924 -- and got to play alongside Shoeless Joe Jackson on those '17 Sox. He drove in the final run in the clinching game of that series; quit high school to work for Edison Electric; and became a manager post-playing career. It doesn't exactly fit my collection but I struggle to pass up on affordable vintage.


  1. I'm curious to know what your definition of "affordable vintage" is?

    1. Less than $20 usually on lower-end stuff like this of a guy I don't collect from a team I don't collect. But on high-ish end stuff, under $100 slabbed.

  2. Great looking card. It's crazy to think this card received only a 1. Maybe the card looks much worse in person... but in this scan it looks to be in decent shape.