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Monday, January 27, 2020

T216 People's Tobacco Pickup: Mickey Doolin, Slabbed a PSA Authentic!

Today's showcased cardboard was a Net54 pickup last year that I never got around to posting about. I was extremely excited to see a seller parting with a large group of T216 People's Tobacco cards (1911-1916 production run) as I had seen them before and wanted one but never had this clear an opportunity to nab one.

Doolin -- whose name is commonly misspelled as Doolan, as it is here -- is often described as the typical good fielding and can't hit shortstop. He had a degree in dentistry; was someone Brooklyn tried to draft before drafting the wrong player accidentally, eventually playing 92 games for the club in his final season in 1918; and was one of the first players to join the short-lived Federal League.

The pose itself is tremendous as it fits Mickey's player profile perfectly, focusing on his fielding. The definition of the artistic rendering is awesome and the water damage (I think, it might be something else) seen behind his head gives the card a funky and cool feel.

Here's the all-important back. People's Tobacco was located in Louisiana and Kotton is the most plentiful of the three back varieties (similar to the different backs being individual brands in the T206 set). It's a wonderful addition to my Vintage PC.

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  1. A professional ball player with a degree in dentistry. That's a pretty cool combination. He must have had his pick of the ladies back in the day.