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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: 1922 W501, Slabbed an SGC 82 -- 2019 National Convention Purchase # 3

Here's the third posted pickup from the 2019 National and another card I had never seen before attending the show, which is one of the cooler aspects of a show of this magnitude. I was prepared for more unique items to pop up and thankfully the seller and I worked out a deal on this beaut.

My newest Zack Wheat Pickup hails from the 1922 W501 Strip Card Set and the high-grade was just an added bonus to the pickup itself. These often come hand-cut with clearly janky borders so to find one as clean as this is really cool and rare on top of the set being rare in and of itself.

As I mentioned the seller gave me a deal and the card was way under what I would have valued it at based on the minimal previous sales so overall this was my most rewarding pickup at the show.